Me takin’ a breather after loading some pipe into pipe basket for a project starting up soon.

I’ve debated for awhile now whether or not to post anything personal about me or my family on this blog.  I’m finding it increasingly difficult to exclude from its content the very personal things that motivate me.  Let me show you what I mean.

Here I am with my six youngins.  Five daughters and one son.  By November, my seventh, a girl, should be born!

My wife – my best friend
Us. She’s pregnant with my 7th youngin.
My oldest daughter and my son

My second daughter

The twins

My fifth daughter
My fifth daughter helping me spot out the next landscape shot.
My son helping me mow the lawn.
My son shortly after birth
Teaching the girls the finer points of fishing.
Oh how I love this woman!
Don’t worry, it was just out of the driveway and back 🙂

I hope that wasn’t too many.  I know it can be a drag looking through other people’s family pictures –  “Oh look at this one here.  That is great uncle Phil trying to figure out how to get the goats out of his Corvette.”  You know what I’m talking about.

In the next day or two I plan to post some of my all-time favorite photos from all over the world.

It is officially bedtime.  Goodnight and thanks for stopping by!

11 thoughts on “Family

  1. Beautiful pictures! I really enjoy reading your blog … and for me it’s not a drag to look into all your family’s pictures! I love Jen to pieces and love it that you are so blessed to have each other and such beautiful children! Thanks for sharing all this! You guys area beautiful couple. (I am a friend of Jen)


  2. Love it!! What a fabulous family and life you have…more and better than I could have ever wished for you when you were a little “ornery” boy! 😉


  3. Hey thanks for all the comments! I’m overwhelmed. I enjoyed going through all the pics last night to choose which ones to post. Every photo is a memory and each brought some bit of me closer to home. 10 more days and I start the trip back home!!!


  4. Thanks Dundee. I hope to keep the posts interesting enough to warrant returning. Perhaps in November we can get together to shoot some fresh portraits of your beautiful family!


  5. Well, for my first time here, I LOVE these pictures. You have a beautiful family and these are gorgeous. Unless a blog is business-only, I don’t know how you keep the personal stuff completely out (imo). It’s through the personal side that people connect out here in cyber space.

    Off to check out some more of your blog. Oh yeah, I’m here courtesy of my uncle, Wes James. He had some wonderful things to say about you, your family, and your photography. 🙂


  6. Magnifique…I just discovered your blog looking for some lens info, so I am now reading from the beginning ;-)…This post is very moving and your family portraits are so natural…Bravo from France !


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