Random Post – June 7, 2012

I thought today I would post a little something different.  This is a portrait I shot of my Mom and Dad’s dog, Freckles.  After processing the RAW image in Photoshop I felt like it had a certain formality to it – like a painting.  Using Photoshop’s brushes – which I prefer over Corel Painter now – I worked this photo into a digital painting.  A lot of brush stroke detail is lost in the downscaling for web view.  The original image is 4800×6000 pixels.  This “Painting” was printed on archival canvas using a Large-Format 12 color, pigment-based ink printer.  I finished the print with a brushed on clear coat that mimics the texture of a real painting.  Stretched over canvas stretcher bars, the finished product is VERY convincing.  It’s a bit time consuming but well worth it for creating cherished pieces of family art.  Doesn’t hurt to have such a good looking dog either 😉

Here are a few others I’ve done in the past when I used to do it for income.  Funny… I just realized I never did a painting of someone’s cat.  I’ve done this with people, birds, dogs, landscapes, etc but no cats.  Anywho.  Enjoy!

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