Random Photo – June 9, 2012

Today feels like a car day.  It’s Saturday!  The day we wash and wax our cars, detail the interiors, and then take fast/leisurely drives down our favorite backroads with no end in mind.  Personally, I love cars.  They are the exquisite metal and leather manifestation of artists and engineers.  They are objects of beauty that have fascinated men and women for over a century now.  I grew up twisting wrenches on the old VW Beetles and then the Japanese cars, and now the Porsches.  I love going to American classic car shows but I’ve never owned one.  As a matter of fact I’ve never even driven one but I sure love how they look and sound!  That certainly was a proud era in American ingenuity for design and manufacturing.

Over the years I’ve shot some images of car front ends that I thought were interesting.  I appreciate the old American classics but I must apologize for my limited knowledge of them.  If you know the year, and model of any of these cars below, I’d love to know!

This shot turned out kinda neat.  I was wearing a bright yellow shirt and it was a reflected back in all the chrome of that front end.  I found one of those little America Flags that you wave around on a stick, and held it between me and the camera to block out my shirt.  I like the field of red and white stripes behind the blue Ford logo.  A fitting combination!

This old Bel Air I discovered alongside a country road in South Carolina.  I was incorrectly led to this area by my good-for-nuthin GPS.  Part way through shooting this car I was alerted to the fact that it had a guard dog who did not take kindly to my photographing it without his permission.  The German Shepherd was about 120lbs and tied to chain I’m certain one of my young daughters could break.  I spoke to the dog about the car and how I just wanted some take-home images and that they would not be sold for commercial use without his permission.  He settled back into the long grass with a warning that he would be keeping a close eye on me and I would be in big trouble if I scratched the paint or peed on the tires.

Have a great weekend!

Technical Details:

First Image:  Nikon D200 with Nikon 50mm f/1.8

Second, third, fourth and fifth image:  Nikon D700 with Nikon 28-70mm f/2.8

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