Return to Grand Chenier

Long time no see!  It’s been too long since I’ve added any images to the blog.  I know, I know… Sorry for not keeping this place updated as often as I should.  It’s been a busy past few months and I’ve honestly not really felt like touching my camera.  The more tasked I am with other things, the less creative I feel.  When I feel like that, a camera in my hand just feels out of place. During those periods, I may still have an interest in photography but it typically manifests itself in the form of unneeded purchases of camera equipment.  “Maybe if I had a different lens/body combo I would feel more like getting out and shooting.”  Yeah…

So, here I am back out on an oil rig in Grand Chenier, Louisiana.  Being on a protected wildlife preserve is not the worst place to be.  There are birds galore but unfortunately all I brought with me was a single lens that’s not nearly long enough to catch decent photos of them.  This leaves me to focus more on the details of the landscape.  A good exercise I suppose and a self-inflicted one at that.  I figured this time out, I would only allow the use a 30mm lens so as to force myself out of the compositional laziness I’ve fallen into using a zoom lens (18-200mm).  I have to admit it’s been frustrating and a challenge.

For the past week, I’ve been going out running/walking each evening after I get off work.  The weather was perfect!  Crystal clear, all the way to the horizon.  Beautiful sunsets.  Thousands of birds. Rich colors in that last hour of sunlight.  Perfect!  Except I was too busy sucking wind and sweating to bring a camera with me.  Last Sunday I figured an evening of walking would be a good break and I would be able to bring my camera with me.  Great idea had it been the day before.  Instead, it was cloudy, hazy, shadow-less, colorless, humid, and there was hardly a bird to be found.  Not much else to do but look for interesting details in the weeds and long grass along the shorelines.  The following three photos were all I could come up with on that short outing.  By the time the sun went down I was so weighed down with mosquitos that I still managed to burn some calories before making it back to the rig… and then passed out from blood loss.  I don’t care how small they are.  Here in this wetland the mosquitos are at the top of the food chain and we are their prey.

NEX 7 DSC04962-edit-small NEX 7 DSC04952-edit-small NEX 7 DSC04942-edit-small

These photos were shot using a Sony Nex-7 with a Sigma 30mm f/2.8 lens.  That little lens is darn impressive!  Brutally sharp, excellent contrast and color, and virtually no distortion.  Money well spent IMO.

2 thoughts on “Return to Grand Chenier

  1. These pictures are so beautiful! My favorite is the big bushy purple “flower”. There’s just so much color and texture there!


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