Random Photos – Birds from the archives

I was going through one of my back up drives and came across some bird photos I shot years ago.  Since I haven’t been able to shoot any new images over the past few days, I figured I’ll get back to sharing some of my Random, non-oilfield related, photos.

These photos were shot using either a Nikon D100 or Nikon D200.  Old but still good in their own day.  Some of my all time favorite photos I made using the, now 11 year old, 6 Megapixel D100.

If you click on these images, they’ll come up a LOT larger on your screen.  Some of the details get lost in the smaller version.  Hope you enjoy!

Nikon D100 Peacock

Nikon D100 Screech Owl 1 Nikon D200 Goldfinch 1 Nikon D100 Cuckoo

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