Flutterbys Again

Today, I endeavored to photograph some of the bees in the Holly Bushes around the house.  You’d think that with the hundreds – if not thousands – of them flying around that it would be fairly simple to get a decent shot of them.  Not quite.  They seemed to prefer the shady side of the flower bunches and they seem to like the ones just above my eye level.  I spent about an hour chasing them when this beautiful butterfly landed ever so politely in my frame and offered itself as my subject instead of the bees.  I gladly obliged.  I was permitted about 10 fast shots before my model contract with this butterfly expired and it was back to chasing bees.  I did get a few decent shots of the bees but nothing worth sharing.  I’m quite pleased with this shot of the butterfly and will keep my post today very brief.  I hope everyone is enjoying the warming of the weather.

D600 - DSC_0868-edit-small

Technical Details:

Nikon D600 with Nikon 50mm f/1.4 lens.  Exposure mode was set to Aperture Priority.  1/350 sec @ f/4.8.  ISO 100

Alright.  I came across another photo from my evening run to the lake the other day.  I’m not 100% sold on this.  This is straight out of the camera, save for a crop that put the key components on thirds.  I would really like some feedback on this image.  Am I weird?  Does this catch your eye?  Is it boring?  Please be blunt with me about this.  Click on the image to enlarge it.  The darks get a little bunched up in the small version.

D600 - DSC_0675-edit-small

6 thoughts on “Flutterbys Again

  1. You’re so funny! 🙂 It was so wonderful to see you out there, bees flying about you, and you totally lost in what you were doing. It really was quite the busy scene out there with all the bees flying around those trees! What a great shot this is of the *one* butterfly that happened to come over there! Beautiful!


  2. The butterfly photo is really sharp/nice…..the lake…yawn…it’s nice, but don’t think the B&W is much help…perhaps the color version would be more attractive? I’m your Dad…I can be honest with you…right? 😉


  3. I appreciate the honest comments. I posted it for that very reason. Sometimes I look at a photo and have a really hard time switching off a bias to see clearly if something is generally acceptable or not.

    This photo attracted me for several reasons: I like the water in the foreground; it looks like waves of silk and the camera did an excellent job rendering the gradients buttery smooth. I like the proportion and placement of the long-grass and the jut of trees on the left. It feels balanced and comfortably static. The Sun, Sky and Water are the intended primary interest in this image, with all the other stuff just used for framing-in. Peaceful was what I had in mind. Perhaps all of this works better for me, personally, because I shot it and still remember how very relaxed it made me feel.


  4. Well, Tommy, dad ‘yawned’. 🙂 It did the same for him! 🙂
    What a great opportunity with the Butterfly! Aren’t we blessed! Thank you for taking the time to share it. Some people go through their entire lives without seeing something like that first person rather than in photos. I’m happy to be with folks who ‘stop and smell the roses’–well, kinda/sorta. 🙂 Holly bushes, bees and butterflys–same thing!


  5. I just noted, that poor baby has been beat up a bit! I often see the two-colored ones like this. But I don’t see thes with the additional color on them like I did when I was a girl. Blessed!


  6. I personally like the Lake picture. I like the tall grass sticking up out of the water, the way the water seems to make a subtle “S” in the picture, and the starburst around the sun. It would be the perfect spot to just lounge and watch the sun go down. 🙂


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