Brazil – Still going through photos from day 1

I’m still finding images from the first day in country that I want to share.  This photo needed a little work to get it somewhat presentable.  Mind you this was shot through a filthy and tinted window of a bus going around 60mph, and the light was fading quickly.  Not the optimum condition for shooting.  There… I’ve made my excuses.  I feel better.

I love the landscape between Rio de Janeiro and Macae.  I didn’t know what to expect when I first started out of the city.  Having very little knowledge of Brazil and where it’s terrain changes occur, I was blown away to see such pretty rolling hills sprinkled with cattle.  The weather was perfect, too, at around 68 degrees Fahrenheit.  I’ll keep going through my shots and posting.  I hope these photos are pleasing to my Brazilian friends and that I’ve well represented their country in photo.

D600 - DSC_1589DNG-edit-small

3 thoughts on “Brazil – Still going through photos from day 1

  1. Such a beautiful countryside! This is *not* what I expected Brazil to look like. I knew it was beautiful— but this… just wow.


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