No more camera! NOOOooooo….

For the first time on this blog, I’m going to whine and gripe.  Due to restrictions of the oil company in Brazil, I can’t bring my camera with me on the rig.  I’m still going to be waiting on standby in Macae for possibly an additional week or two but the only way I could safely get my camera back to the US was to give it today to one of the guys going back home for days off.  He’ll be shipping my camera to my house once he gets home.  I’ve shot a lot of images here that I like and there is plenty more I could shoot but that’s not the part that I’m most upset about.  What gets me is that eventually I’ll be going by bus, 6 hours North, to Vitoria, Brazil.  I’ve been told that Vitoria is even prettier than here and that there are lots of awesome landscapes to see there.  I have my iPhone but it’s just nowhere near the same.  I am glad though that I had a safe, reliable means to get my camera back to the house.  Adam, thanks for your willingness to carry around the extra weight for me.  I know it’s a pain.

D600 - DSC_1861-edit-small

Seen left to right in the photo above:  Adam, me, and Rrrrraymundo (I like to flare my nostrils and excessively roll the R in his name -I’m a dork that’s why).  We were walking back to the condo we stay at here near the beach in Macae.  We found a little Café down the road about 5 minutes walk.  They have a decent cup of coffee and delicious ham and cheese pocket bread thing (think bakery-style hot pocket) that makes for an excellent breakfast or lunch.  It’s nice to just get out and walk around to help make the days go by.  The walking also helps burn off the extra calories of eating out all the time.


D600 - DSC_1872-edit-small

Here is a daytime view of the same beach I posted a photo of the other evening.  Night or day, this is a nice place to walk.


D600 - DSC_1888-edit-small

I hadn’t noticed before but there are these cactus plants growing along the beach in some parts.  The flowers on them are beautiful since those serious thorns have done an excellent job of keeping the flower-pickers at bay.  Almost every flower was in healthy, perfect condition.

D600 - DSC_1907-edit-uncropped-small

D600 - DSC_1904-edit-small

The sun was setting directly behind the glass.  This made for a spectacular display of color.  I love, too, how the distressed texture of the wood framework contrasts so wonderfully with the glass.  The cactus in the foreground of the first image was heavily shadowed by the doorway.  A little pop of fill-flash sorted that out nicely, revealing the unique shape of the plant with its deep green skin.

While walking along the beach, I came across this doorway with the beautiful stained glass.  It’s the entrance to the courtyard of a local restaurant.  As I was shooting it, the owner/manager came walking up to open up for the day.  He was kind enough to let me grab a few shots before he approached the door.  I did know someone was standing nearby on the sidewalk but I didn’t realize until afterward that he was waiting for me to finish so he could go in.  Thanks for being patient!

I hate to say it, but in the succinct words of Porky Pig, “That’s all folks”.  Unless I get some magical shots from my iPhone, which could happen, I won’t be posting anymore photos of Brazil for awhile.  In the meantime I’ll be working to see if I can get special permission to bring my camera the next time I come to Brazil sometime in July.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the posts up to this point.  Please keep checking back.  I’ve got my hard drive with me and it contains plenty of photos I can post under Random Photos.  I appreciate everyone’s comments, Likes, and shares.  I’ve even picked up a few more followers!  If you’re interested in receiving a notice via email anytime I submit a new post, please feel free to use the “Follow” button at the top of the page, just above the banner.  I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate having an outlet for my photos.  For years I shot and never had anywhere to simply show my photos.  They sat on hard drives where no one could see and possibly enjoy.  I don’t want to enter competitions or submit for peer review.  This is my art.  I do this for fun and the memories I can pass on to my kids.  In a way, this blog is to my photos what a stage is to a musician.  It makes the art of photography into a performing art and, like music, it is meant to be shared and enjoyed.  I hope all of my images serve to enrich your day in some way.




4 thoughts on “No more camera! NOOOooooo….

  1. Bummer you have to send your camera back, Tom!! 😦 As always, your pic’s are amazing… simply amazing. Be safe, my friend!!


  2. It’s such a shame that you couldn’t take your camera with you. I sure hope that it’ll work out that you will get to take it with you at least one trip. I’m so looking forward to pictures from Vitoria, even if they are “just” from an iPhone. 🙂 Even your iPhone pics are amazing. 🙂 I’m not biased or anything….


  3. That’s too bad about the camera, however, I’m awfully glad you take it with you wherever you can. Love, love, love your pictures!!! Brandon is heading back to Brazil soon too, so maybe you all will see each other. Take care and stay safe!


  4. Thanks Dana! I’m really glad you enjoy them. You support the very reason I started this blog to begin with. In just a few more days, Brandon ought to be in country with me. We should all be going out to the rig together. Hopefully he get’s stuck on tour with me so I can bore him to tears with 12 hours a day of camera talk. He mentioned he bought a camera when he was back home. Hopefully he’s had some time and motivation to put it to work. If not, I’ll harass him good. In a few more minutes I’ll be posting some iPhone pics I shot today.


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