Making due with the iPhone camera. I miss my Nikon!!!!

Today I went with my buddy to his medical appointment in city center Macae. Rather than take a taxi, we walked back to the condo. This was a good 3 mile uphill walk.  I decided to stop pouting about my Nikon, tuck my lower lip back in and start taking photos with the only camera I have on hand –  Estúpido iPhone!  See?  I’m learning Portuguese a little each day.

As we were walking down the streets of downtown, I came across this totally funky tree with red bark. At first I thought it was painted, but then realized it was like this all the way to the tips. I’m no arborist so I haven’t the foggiest idea of what it may be but what I can tell you is it is photo-worthy. After wiping the pocket lint from the lens on my phone – ahem camera- I got this shot. With light coming about straight down from the midday sun, I wasn’t sure the little iPhone could produce anything worth showing. To my surprise, it handled it well… for not being my Nikon… and for being a phone… with no real controls…  I know!  I’ll quit whining!

A little bit of Photoshop to add some fill light and viola!

iPhone - IMG_3279-edit-small


About halfway through the walk, as we were making our way to the top of a rather decent size hill, I came across this nice scene of the shoreline and southern part of the city.

iPhone - IMG_3280-edit-small


2 thoughts on “Making due with the iPhone camera. I miss my Nikon!!!!

  1. These are gorgeous!!! I can’t believe you took these with a phone. You-are-good!! 🙂 I love the tree! That’s just amazing!


  2. Tom- you are such an amazing photographer you could take masterpieces with my flip phone…. heck, I think you could take pictures with my empty wallet!!


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