Cabin Fever

The family and I recently made a trip to Stone Mountain, our favorite nearby State Park.  I’ve posted photos from here before but on this trip they had opened up the historic cabins so that visitors could walk around inside. This made for some excellent low-light photography!

D600 - DSC_3702-edit-small

This next photo has such a nice warm glow to it.  A doorway behind me allowed in this gorgeous golden light from outside where the sun was reflecting off the autumn leaves.  A pair of old baby shoes sitting on a wood dresser with what looks like an old jewelry box or small chest.  I love how much detail the D600’s full-frame sensor picks up with the 50mm f/1.4 lens.  In order to get enough depth of focus, I had to shoot at f/13 which resulted in an ISO of 3200 yielding a shutter speed of 1/45 second.  I had nothing to rest the camera on for stability, thus the high ISO and shutter speed.  The D600 is the finest camera I’ve ever shot with, hands-down beating every other professional Nikon I’ve owned over the past 15 years.

D600 - DSC_3692-edit-small

I really appreciate the way the park staff set up the inside of the cabins to give us an idea of what every day life must have looked like for the people who once lived here.

D600 - DSC_3694-edit-small

The quality of light was so nice that day.  I took the opportunity to get some portraits of the kids.  This one is my favorite of the day.  She had such a nice relaxed expression and the contrast of the old rough wood to her soft young skin made for a good image.  I had this printed 12″x16″ on the new Epson print system being used by It turned out stunningly life-like.   The richness of color and tone are among the best I’ve seen for digital prints.  The price was very good too!  For prints to canvas or photo paper, I highly recommend these guys.

D600 - DSC_3738-edit-small

I’m not sure why I like this one so much but I do.  The old window glass was full of imperfections, making the reflections all impressionist-looking.

D600 - DSC_3686-edit-small

The big gaps between the wall beams of the smokehouse made for a neat photo of my son.  He was playing peekaboo with me.

D600 - DSC_3721-edit-small

Another angle of the interior of the cabin.  Not my favorite as the lighting was quite flat by the time I shot this but it still has a neat feel to it.

D600 - DSC_3720-edit-small

I found one of my girls resting in a tree near the cabins.

D600 - DSC_3661-edit-small

And my oldest taking a rest in the doorway to the smokehouse.

D600 - DSC_3756-edit-small

Here’s one of the whole bunch.  Well almost all of them.  My #8 should be popping into the world any day now!  The noon lighting was not optimal for photos but it turned out ok for a snapshot.

D600 - DSC_3264-edit-small

Last photo.  I set my glass down on the front porch railing so I could pet the cat.  Then it dawned on me how nice a scene this is for me.  Being away from home so much makes you really appreciate the simple things like sipping a cold beer on the front porch steps, sitting next to my wife while watching the kids play out under the trees.  Good stuff!  For those connoisseurs of craft beers: yes, you are correct.  That is not a Boston Lager.  It’s a Cream Stout.

D600 - DSC_3488-edit-small

Technical Details:

In keeping with my continued insistence on using just one lens (see previous posts for explanation), all photos were shot using the Nikon D600 with a Nikon 50mm f/1.4.

5 thoughts on “Cabin Fever

  1. I love the old kitchen. That’s my favorite spot in the cabin. I think I could just stand inside there and soak up all the old sights and smells in that place. It’s just so interesting. I especially love the fireplace in the old kitchen. ::sigh:: Beautiful~


  2. As always, Tom- treasure your photos… you have a magnificent eye… and your family pictures are enjoyed sooooo much!!


  3. Yes you are, Tom- the Elder! You have a wonderful son and he has a wonderful family. You obviously raised him well. You are blessed indeed.


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