3 in 30 Challenge

I took a moment this evening to drive out to Yate’s Mill.  I gave myself the challenge of only making 3 shots within 30 minutes.  By the time I got to the mill the sun was already behind most of the trees, leaving less-than-desirable lighting.  Here are the results:

1st Shot – Pretty standard shot.  Cold and technical.  Reflections of autumn leaves and old buildings.  Sigh… I’m feeling so not creative these days.

D600 - DSC_4024-edit-small

2nd Shot – I underexposed the tree to make it a silhouette against the sky to showoff the beautiful branches and leaves.  I love how fractal-looking the tree is and the super smooth gradient of the orange-colored sky.

D600 - DSC_4025-edit-small

3rd Shot – I was walking past these old, disposed millstones and noticed the neat colors, textures, and geometry.  I settled on this being my final shot for the night.

D600 - DSC_4026-edit-small

Only 3 shots made in 30 minutes or less.  I think this was a pretty cool way to go out shooting when you don’t really have anything specific in mind to shoot.  I felt especially picky about what I was willing to shoot.  It made my digital camera feel a bit more like a film camera in that before tripping the shutter I made sure everything was set correctly in the camera and that I had a pleasing composition.  Good luck and have fun with this!

Technical Details:

Nikon D600 w/ Nikon 50mm f/1.4 G AF-S  (the only lens I own anymore)

3 thoughts on “3 in 30 Challenge

  1. I love the mill photo especially. They are all three interesting and have gorgeous color and texture! This Corn Mill holds precious memories for me, though, as we’ve watched most of our children toddle through the walking trails. But- that aside, it is a gorgeous place. I love all the color and all the different textures captured in that image: Water, wood, and leaves. Beautiful~


  2. Thanks for your kind and generous words Wes. By the way, I’m still fooling around a bit with the Astrophotography thing. Haven’t yet bought any of the crazy gadgets to make it better but I am learning about my lens’ weaknesses and strengths. We have so much light pollution here because of the nearby big cities that it makes it rather difficult to shoot anything worth keeping. I’ll have to see what sort of dark sky sites there are in the state.


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