7 Hours in London


On my way to do some work in Norway, I had a lengthy layover in London.  Rather than sit around the airport, I took the train into town for a power tour of the city.  After arriving at Paddington Station, I ventured out by foot to see what I could see.


A pit stop at Starbucks recharged my batteries and gave me a chance to look at Google Maps to see what was in the area.  My wife, oldest daughter, and I are big fans of Sherlock Holmes.  Not but a few kilometers away, I took off for 221B, Baker Street, the fictional address of none other than Mr. Holmes.  A museum has been established at this residence and it contains all sorts of neat objects related to the stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


Inside the museum, a fascinating arrangement of newspaper clippings, investigation tools, medical curiosities, and an assortment of story-related objects were laid out to look as though Sherlock had just popped out for a bit to go chase down a criminal.



A portrait representing the landlady and friend of Sherlock, Mrs. Hudson.


I loved the lighting and all the warm, rich colors inside the museum.  It made both a challenge and a perfect atmosphere for these kinds of photos.  I almost left home without my Vibration Reduction lens but last minute my wife convinced me it would be worth bringing.  I cleared a hole in my bag and brought it along.  Any longtime readers of my website know that nearly every thing I shoot I use my simple, trusty 50mm.  With no tripod handy, it would have been near impossible to get these shots with enough depth of field using a non-stabilized lens.  I’m glad I listened and brought it.

After leaving the Sherlock Museum, I did a lot of walking to go see the typical sights one would expect to see in London:  Big Ben (Westminster Abbey), The Palace, The Mall, Parliament Building, etc.

I have to say that I was really not in the mood for photographing things that have been shot millions – maybe billions – of times by the countless tourist who’ve visited London.  I wasn’t in a foul mood but with all the other tourists around me, likewise toting their camera, it made me feel like any image I shot was just part of the mandate.  I refused… well, at least refused to post them here.  I did shoot some completely uninspired images of those places just so I have a record of my visit.

Here are two images of the things that I did fing interesting.



Shameful huh?  Walk all over one of the most famous cities in the world and only post a photo of a bicycle and some flowers against a neon backdrop.  I know.  I feel bad about this but what can I say.  My next post should have plenty of photos.  I did a lot more shooting once I got to Norway.  Inspired, I was.  Check back again in a day or two or click the ‘Follow’ button if you would like to be notified any time I post new stuff.


Technical Details:

Nikon D600 with Nikon 24-85mm f/3.5-5.6 G AF-S VR


7 thoughts on “7 Hours in London

  1. Have been thinking of you the past several days, Tom- was going to call you… guess that’d better wait for right now!
    Love the Sherlock shots… looks like scenes just absolutely made for you!! Your kind of scenes! Liked the bicycle shot!! Be looking forward to seeing Norway through your camera lens…


  2. Thanks Gaston! I’m really looking forward to going through my Norway photos and getting them posted. I hope all is going well for you abroad.



  3. Hey Wes,
    I’ll give you a call sometime later today. I’m back in the US now. I’m glad you enjoyed the Sherlock photos. It was fun walking around that museum looking at all the fictional history. They did a good job of making it all seem so real.


  4. Love the travel from my house! We met at Hermann Park, me and my friends ,all my squirrels ☺


  5. Hi Gary,

    So glad you’ve stopped by OutFor30 and found some interesting things to read. I sure enjoyed chewing the fat with you last weekend. Such a pleasant way to spend the afternoon. I hope to be back to the park tomorrow. I’ve got a new (old) lens I want to put through its paces. Hope to see you there!


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