Minolta 500mm Reflex

Hi everyone!  I made it back home from the field.  I should have a few days here before I head off to the Middle East for a few weeks.

Yesterday, I was playing around the yard with that Minolta 500mm mirror lens.  I wanted to make a quick post to show some of the images I got with it.

We’ve all seen much better photos of the moon but it was neat to see it live through my camera while shooting this.  Wes, this is nothing compared to what I saw through those telescopes you built!  The kids enjoyed seeing the moon up close like that.  It was like having a small, low-power telescope!

Sony A7R w/ Minolta 500mm f/8 | f8 @ 1/320th | ISO 200
Sony A7R w/ Minolta 500mm f/8 | f8 @ 1/320th | ISO 200

This Mockingbird was kind enough to hold still long enough for me to get a few shots.  If I had to shoot wildlife for a living, I’d be homeless.  I don’t know what it is but all wildlife flee the area when I pull out my camera.  If I don’t have a camera at the ready, I can get within a few feet of things like wild seals, bears, caribou, deer, beavers, and other such critters.  As soon as I slip my lens cap off, they’re gone in a flash.  I’m quiet, I face away from them, I don’t creep towards them, or splash on cologne.  Something about the opportunity to get a good wildlife photo sends them running away.  So frustrating.  I’m very grateful to have gotten this rare opportunity to shoot a wild bird in good lighting.

Sony A7R w/ Minolta 500mm f/8 | f8 @ 1/1600th | ISO 320
Sony A7R w/ Minolta 500mm f/8 | f8 @ 1/1600th | ISO 320

I’ve been sick with a cold the past few days.  That day in Galveston while I was testing the repairs made to my 28mm, I got caught in a downpour of rain in some cold weather.  After walking a mile to get out of it, I was soaked to the bone.   Hopefully I’ll get better soon and can get out to shoot some more before heading back out to the field.

3 thoughts on “Minolta 500mm Reflex

  1. Tom- the moon is always great to look at and enjoy- under any magnification! Glad you remembered!! You know- you should get yourself a small telescope, just to enjoy looking at the moon- and for your kids to see, too. It doesn’t have to be anything magnificent- the moon is the very easiest object in the sky to enjoy viewing with minimal equipment cost at minimum $$$ outlay. A very inexpensive 60-70 mm scope would be all you’d need- with a diagonal and an eyepiece or two- or a good zoom eyepiece. You have camera tripods, I’m sure- that would suffice. Just a thought.
    Tom- that bird shot is great! I’ve fooled around a little with digiscoping, and know some of the best- and THAT, my friend- was a VERY good shot! And it wasn’t digiscoped! You DO realize that many of the good bird shots you see are at focal lengths exceeding 2000mm,,, don’t you?? At least with digiscoping, which is a wonderful way to shoot wildlife. Neil Fifer, one of the very best- won the annual Nikon nature photo contest many years ago with a digiscoped shot… over all these pro Nikon shooters with their cannon-like lenses and OMG price tags on their equipment. They were livid when they found out they’d been beat out by a guy with a point-n-shoot and a spotting scope!! Here’s a link to some of his work….
    You would be a prime candidate for digiscoping!!


  2. Bedsides, Tom Leonard- Do NOT ever sell yourself short on your photography skills!!! So wildlife maybe isn’t your forte… yet… one cannot be everything- and your skills are to die for! I know 2 people at least (Ron- and I) who would love to have your abilities with a camera! If there’s only one area where you feel your skills are lacking- photographically- speaking, you are indeed a fortunate man- and a very skilled photographer!


  3. And besides AGAIN!!! What photographer out there today would be shooting with old lenses like you are???? Not to mention- AND, getting the kinds of results that you are!! Shame on you for apologizing… even a hint of an apology is uncalled for!! *grin*


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