Lost In The Mix

Last night, I was sifting through my recent photos and came across this one.  Somehow I missed it the day I went through my photos from that shoot.  This happens often with me.  I think I get focused on the ones I see immediately and kind of tune out the rest as I’m scrolling through.  Viewed as a thumbnail, it doesn’t really stand out among the others but viewed fullscreen it has an attraction to it.  I currently have this one set as my wallpaper on the computer.  For the first time on this site, I’m going to post a wallpaper resolution of an image.  Click the image to download it scaled to 2880 x 1800 pixels for Macbook Pro Retina 15″.  That resolution ought to fill most screens.  Hope you enjoy it!

Sony A7R - DSC03336-edit-small
Sony A7R w/ Minolta 28mm f/2.8


4 thoughts on “Lost In The Mix

  1. It is a nice picture, indeed, Tom… has a melancholy feeling to it. Still enjoying that Minolta lens?? Can’t complain about the results it produces!!


  2. Larger scale, definitely is impressive! I love the “textures”. Keep on posting, I’ve enjoyed your travel blog a great deal!


  3. Thanks Cynthia! It’s always depressing to me to downscale the images so much for these posts. A lot gets lost in it. At 2880×1800 this wallpaper-size image is ~ 5.1 Megapixels. The full-size image is 36.2 Megapixels so you can imagine just how much more detail and texture there is in that! Wish I could share that but then you get people stealing your work off the website at a loss. One of these days I want to set up an option for purchasing gallery quality prints of the images featured on this site. someday…


  4. Hi Wes. I’m glad you like this one. I almost didn’t post it. I got part way writing the post for it and started second-guessing whether it was interesting enough to show. The more I look at it though, the more I like it. I don’t even know if it’s that good of a composition but it does sort of mesmerize me. All the details in the rocks and dark foggy sky. The awkward gate of the jogger in the distance.
    I’m still very pleased with the Minoltas! I recently picked up a Minolta Rokkor-X 50mm f/1.7 and a Rokinon 14mm f/2.8. I’ll be posting some images I get with those sometime in the next few weeks once I get back home.
    Hope you guys are staying warm up there in the north!


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