For the past week, my friend and I have been in Louisiana for work.  This weekend we had a few hours of downtime and decided to get out of the office/hotel for a bit.  My friend, having grown up just a few miles from where we were staying, drove us out to some of his old stomping grounds for me to get a real taste of this part of southern Louisiana.


Outside the town of Lockport in Lafourche (luh-foosh) parish is the now defunct Valentine Bridge.

Sony NEX-5T w/ 16-50mm kit lens


iPhone X


iPhone X


iPhone X

A bounce down a gravel road led us to some really pretty farm lands.  Sugarcane is a major crop around here.  I suspect in a few months these fields will be covered in tall, green canes.  In Louisiana, the climate and soil are perfect for this plant to thrive, growing in as little as six months where in other parts of the world it can take upward of 24 months before it can be harvested.

Sony NEX-5T w/ 16-50mm kit lens

On our way further south, this stunningly devoid landscape over the marshes outside of Golden Meadow made for an almost other-worldly view.  From this ground-level perspective one could easily mistake this for a view in Nebraska or North Dakota but I’ve flown in helicopter over these marshes more times than I care to count, headed out to the drilling rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.  From the air, it looks like an endless maze of water snaking through the grassy marsh; each beautiful in its own right.

Sony NEX-5T w/ 16-50mm kit lens

If you keep heading south long enough, you will eventually find yourself standing at the shores of the Gulf of Mexico.  This part of Grand Isle was pristine.  I was so wishing my wife and kids were with me.  They’d have really enjoyed this beach.

iPhone X

This retired firetruck on Grand Isle has found its final resting place just over the inland side of the sand dunes.

iPhone X

The final photo of the day is of Crescent Avenue Lift Bridge in Lockport Heights.  Spanning 410 feet over Lafourche Bayou, this 59 year old bridge has seen better days.  In 2016, it scored a frightening 15.5 out of 100 in sufficiency.  I’m glad I don’t need to commute over this on a daily basis.

iPhone X

In case you didn’t notice in the captions:

For the sake of space in my bag this trip, I decided to leave my A7RII at home and chose instead to bring my little Sony NEX-5T and the iPhone X.  After shooting a few images with the NEX-5T and comparing them to what I was seeing coming from the iPhone X (set to JPG not HEIC), I decided to just leave it in the truck.  That is insane!  The NEX does have 4MP more resolution and a zoom lens attached to it but I found I was favoring what I got out of the iPhone X.  Even this evening while processing photos from both cameras, I still prefer the iPhone’s images.  I never thought I’d see that happen.  Now don’t misread me here.  I’m not saying that the iPhone is an all-out APS-C camera killer.  The NEX-5T’s RAW files are rich and flexible (13-stops dynamic range) and the fact that I can totally change the look with the attachment of a different lens leaves the iPhone X a little behind.  That said, the iPhone X has a crazy bright, clear screen which makes it easier in daylight to see than the viewfinder of the NEX-5T.  If I compare the iPhone X to my now-retired iPhone 7+, it is simply better in every way than its predecessor.  If you recall, I shot a whole day in Egypt using my iPhone 7+ when I went mosque hopping.  I was pleased with the iPhone 7+ but obviously I used it out of need rather than choice.  The fact that I had a choice here in Louisiana and chose to go with the iPhone X should tell you something about how good it really is.  One last note on this:  I shot with the iPhone X using the older .JPG file format instead of the newer HEIC standard.  I’ve since switched it and have downloaded an app which will let me shoot RAW (.dng) format.  From what little farting around I’ve done tonight with the RAW files, I’m very pleased with what I’m seeing.  I’m sure this won’t be the last post I make with images coming from the iPhone X.



4 thoughts on “Lafourche

  1. Don’t drink the kool-aid…… me I’m setting myself up for a purchase. A 2lb 200mm f3.5 Minolta for my A7. Guess I won’t stick that in my shirt pocket! Technology… how do you keep up with it. Lovely pics as always and Thank You.


  2. Love it! I agree, every area, culture, landscape has its own ‘right’, story and beauty! Thank you for letting us travel with you, Son!


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